Living Way Care Team Living Way Church

collage of people's faces within the body of JesusOur Care Team is always busy at Living Way offering hope and help for those going through difficult times. Here are just a few of our efforts of compassion.. sack of groceries

The Food Pantry. Our belief is that no one should go hungry. As long as we have food in our pantry we will share with anyone who asks us for help. East Montgomery County is filled with hungry people who barely survive on the food they bring to the table. However our goal is not to merely meet the physical need. We know that beyond groceries this world needs the Bread of Life! Donations are gratefully received to address this flood of need.

hands holding globe of the earthThe founder of Methodism, John Wesley. said that the world was his parish. God so loved the world that He gave His Son Jesus. Support for missionaries throughout the world is part of our Care Team's effort of ministry. How will they hear unless we send a preacher? Holy Spirit came upon the church empowering this new community of faith to reach out to Jerusalem, Judea, and the uttermost parts of the world. Our beginnings are small, but we share our resources with brothers and sisters world-wide.boy's face

Our latest project involves childcare. In our generation, there are so many single parents that cannot work due to the high cost of childcare. The low wages that they might receive in employment is quickly absorbed, leaving hardly anything for food or shelter. Many times this leads to the soul eating cycle of government assistance. Someday very soon our church hopes to provide low cost child care based on income. We have made great strides toward seeing this vision come true. Our new building is in place and we are currently seeking a Day Care Administrator . There are a few more steps but with God's help we will have a licensed care facility that will minister to young impoverished families.

globe with text "God so loved the world"Someone once asked if God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son... should not the Church also love the World? Part of our witness as Christians is to support this mission of love both locally and globally. Missionaries are in every corner of our globe helping to spread the good news of the present Kingdom. Hungry and sick people cannot hear the gospel until we help them address the need at hand. Throughout the world the Church is at work bringing the light to the darkest places on earth. At Living Way we support these missionaries with both our prayers and our financial gifts. We are part of connectional system within United Methodism that multiplies our impact through a monthly apportioned gift. When earthquakes rumble, the United Methodist Church is there; when plague breaks out, the United Methodist Church is there; when the rivers rise or the fire rages the United Methodist Church cares and does for those in need. It is after all the heart of God to love this world.