Ministry at Living Way Church Conroe Living Way Church
picture of foot washing Jesus said that there was no greater love than to lay down your life for your friend. He said this as He was about to lay down His life for the sin of humanity. After His resurrection from the dead, Jesus then gave His disciples a commission to "Go into all the world and make disciples..." (Matthew 28:18) God's love sent Jesus into the world... God's love sends us. The church is a ministering body living in service to their creator and fellow human. It is a great adventure!

Today people are looking for significance. Jesus is the only one who can bring true significance to any life. Abundant life in Jesus involves living out the role of an ambassador of reconciliation. When we come to Jesus we are invited to take a the yoke of ministry. Ministry involves seeking and saving those who are lost. Dietrich Bonhoffer said that, " believe is to obey and that obedience leads to belief..." God is calling out to all humans and the call is into God's work. Work that God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in it to find out more read the second chapter of Ephesians.

picture of anxious womanThroughout the world people are looking for hope. Anxiety, depression, compulsion, addiction, are all symptoms of an inner disconnect. It seems simplistic, but we were made for God. Life at its best is lived within the context of a spiritual connection with the creator. Through the prophet Jeremiah, God declares that if we call upon Him, He will show us great and mighty things. One translation says God will show us secret things. The mystery of life is one of those great and mighty things. As people call upon the Lord the puzzle pieces fall into place... things begin to make sense and that brings peace.

Jesus called the priesthood of all believers salt and light. The Apostle Paul states that we are Ambassadors of Reconciliation. In following the Messiah, we are to pour ourselves into the task of making disciples. Discipleship is not just a matter of making the right argument, but rather participating in a supernatural work. The best example is that of a midwife. Our job is to help bring spiritual babies into the world. Everyone must be born from above. God choses to use the church as the wire that brings the power... bringing light to the darkness.


good samaritanOnce we were enemies of God. Alienated without hope in the world. Then the loving Father saw our wounded state and sent Jesus. God's only begotten Son emptied Himself of glory and took on the form of a human... Seeing us wounded and dying the Savior stooped down embracing us. He bandaged us with His grace and mercy pouring the oil of anointing into our wounds. Here we now wait in the inn called church for His soon return. In the meantime we walk the roads of darkness and danger looking for other wounded to offer that which we have received.

What are you doing with your life? The Psalmist asks God to teach him to number his days. Everyone of us has a limited time... is your time counting? Join the Adventure of serving Jesus!